Gunjan Tyagi

A yarn ball made of bamboo in Japan

I don’t believe in failure.
It is not a failure if you enjoyed the process.

Perhaps the simplest words to explain, an incredible zeal to succeed. Role of women in society has been seeing a paradigm shift ever since women became self-aware.

Henry Matisse once said "Creativity takes Courage", which happened to be an inspiration for a girl who was passionate about drawing and painting since her childhood. Gunjan Tyagi, born in 1986 did her Masters in painting from the renowned college - Sir J J School of Arts, Mumbai.

She is a young visual artist and is experienced in organizing workshops and residency programs. Visual Art, a form of art that people usually don't venture into, became her passion. When asked why, she said, "At first I was into painting but then I started exploring the site - specific nature art works by participating in projects in South Korea, which interested me as it was not only different but unusual like the other artists who display their artwork in a gallery but here the possibility of displaying my artwork was that I had to go outside in the nature get some site and then accordingly create something beautiful related to the environment around or the subject if any".

Gunjan Tyagi is known to create immersive spaces, experiences which interact with the environment. She likes different kinds of materials, different ways to structure things. Her openness leads her to a new type of art which has set her sail across borders to practice public & nature art as an invited artist representing India in several international art programs.

"An art, changing forms to create a specific art that could be lived through which instigates one’s mind with a ‘wow’ and then an ‘aha’, when seen is something that gave me the urge to go further with my dream" she said.

A house of dreams made with wooden frame and fabric in Iceland

Inception of Birth, Lichtenberg

Face of Leaves


"I got an opportunity at Iceland where there were 50 musicians, artists, poets, writers, dancers, sculptures and painters were invited to participate from all over the world and I was the only one who was invited from India. I was unsure about participating in it as I had just returned from a project that I had in Europe which was for 2 months which was sponsored by me. I was going to call off my trip to Iceland for the competition as I was facing a shortage of funds. Later I had a conversation with Dr. Anand in which I mentioned that I was going to call off my trip to Iceland and he told me not to worry and go ahead with it as he would be helping me with a sponsorship so that I don’t miss this opportunity and without any delay he confirmed my travel to Iceland", she said.

I am thankful to Dr. Anand Govindaluri, Founder and CEO of Startup Accelerator India for all his support and sponsorship.
    Across various international platforms, till date she has successfully completed

  • ● 5 Projects

  • ● 36 Art exhibits

  • ● Conducted 15 Artist residency programs

  • ● And delivered 4 talks about role of art in society

    Few of her works include:

  • ❖ 2010 - International Enamel Workshop in Hungary sponsored by New Delhi

  • ❖ 2013 - “VAMA” Exhibition of women painters from Delhi in Twin Art Gallery, IGNCA, New Delhi

  • ❖ 2014 - Yatoo international artist in residence program, Wongol, korea

  • ❖ 2014 - Wongol International artist residence program. South Korea

  • ❖ 2015 - Assistant Curator and organizer of Global Nomadic Art project

  • ❖ 2016 - Tsukuba Artist in residence program, Tsukuba, Japan

  • ❖ 2017 - Assistant curator of Imagine Fest Art section at Nehru Park, Delhi

  • ❖ 2017 - Talk on the role of art in society in Art and Design school, Mahe

  • ❖ 2019 - Global Nomadic Art Project, Germany 2019

  • ❖ 2019 - iBiennale, Hana lulu, Hawaii

Gunjan’s story justifies the line, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." -- Pablo Picasso

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